Flavors of New Zealand

We bring you the fresh flavors of New Zealand at 35,000 feet.
Kiwi Hospitality

Kiwi Hospitality

So what exactly do we mean by "Kiwi hospitality"? Well, we live and work by a set of very Kiwi values. We're a friendly, warm, welcoming and down-to-earth bunch. And we never stop looking for new ways to bring you a better way to fly. You'll notice it in everything we do, from our delicious cuisine to our award-winning Economy Skycouch™.

Kiwi Cuisine

Delicious Kiwi cuisine

Relaxing over a good meal is one of life's great pleasures. So with a little help from award-winning Kiwi chef Peter Gordon, we've designed our menus to reflect the fresh, eclectic and innovative cuisine of New Zealand. We also serve a range of wines sourced from some of New Zealand's best wineries to complement each meal.

Fine New Zealand wines

Fine New Zealand Wines

Selecting wines for drinking inflight takes special care as there are unique conditions to consider. Our wine list features a selection of New Zealand's most awarded winemakers and best-loved wine varietals, handpicked for us by top wine consultants.

On-demand snacks and drinks

Need a snack?

Not only does your individual touch-screen offer hours of entertainment, it also can be used to order snacks and drinks between meals!

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