Upgrade with OneUp™

OneUp™ makes it easy to request an upgrade of one cabin class when you're booked on an Air New Zealand ticketed and operated international flight.

Just decide how much you're willing to pay for the upgrade, along with your payment details - credit card, debit card or Airpoints Dollars™ and submit your offer at least seven days before your flight departs.

We'll reply with an email three to seven days before your flight departs, to let you know whether or not your offer was successful. If the flight is particularly full, we'll tell you that we will review your offer 7-9 hours before the flight's departure.

Upgrade with OneUp™ Submit an offer

What does an upgrade of one cabin class mean?

It means you can upgrade from economy to premium economy or from premium economy to business premier. On flights that only have two cabin classes, you can make an offer to upgrade straight from economy to business.

Stretch out and relax in Premium Economy. Customised leather seats, next generation HD entertainment system and delicious modern cuisine make your flight more premium than economy.

Multi-sector flights

For these flights you'll need to choose one sector for each offer you make. For example, on an Auckland to London flight you can make an offer for Auckland to Los Angeles or Los Angeles to London. If you want to make two offers, one for each sector, you can.

Elite, Gold and Silver Airpoints™ members

To recognise your status, we'll upweight your OneUp offer by the following amount: Elite - 50%, Gold - 30%, Silver - 10%.

Easy ways to make an offer

Payment options

  • Airpoints Dollars™: If you're paying with Airpoints Dollars, any applicable taxes, levies or surcharges must be paid in cash. You can use a credit card or debit card for this.
  • Credit card or debit card: The cost of your upgrade will be converted into local area currency.

How the offers are considered

When assessing your OneUp offer we consider its value, the value of other offers made for the same cabin class, your Airpoints status, the number of seats available in the higher cabin class and the number of passengers in your booking.

Frequently asked questions

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