Travel alert information

Sometimes we have to change our flight times or details at the last minute.

Travel alerts can let you know the most up-to-date information about your flight.

We will send you a text message or email with your options, if your flight is going to be:

  • Delayed by more than 20 minutes
  • Changed to a different Air New Zealand flight
  • Cancelled

If you're an Airpoints™ member, or selected to receive alerts when you booked, you're already set up.

How to sign up for travel alerts

If you're an Airpoints™ member you can tailor your alerts to suit your needs.

You can turn Travel Alerts off if you prefer to use the Air NZ mobile app for flight updates.

If you haven't joined Airpoints, add your mobile number or email address to your booking.

You can then activate your alerts for your current flight.

Air NZ mobile app.

The Air NZ mobile app

The Air NZ mobile app can notify you of any flight changes as well. It can see your up-to-date seat and gate numbers, flight times and baggage allowance. It's the ideal travel companion.