Codeshare Flights and Partner Airlines

Cabin Baggage Allowance

Air New Zealand doesn’t charge for cabin baggage there are however limitations to what can be brought onboard the aircraft. Customers travelling from or to the United States when Air New Zealand's baggage rules apply are permitted to take 1 piece of carry-on baggage not exceeding 15lbs (7kg) in weight and maximum total dimensions (length + width + height) of 46.5" (118cm).

Please refer to the baggage section of our website for these important restrictions and limitations.

Checked in Baggage Allowance

For travel originating in the US or for travel to the US which is not en route to another country
Legislation requires that for all travel that starts in the US or which is for travel to the US as the final destination that the same baggage allowance applies for the entire journey. It also requires that the first ticketed carrier determines the baggage rules to be applied.

This means that even though you have an Air New Zealand ticket with at least one Air New Zealand flight the baggage allowances and charges that apply could be another carriers.Please refer to you electronic ticket which shows your checked baggage allowance and which carriers rules apply.

If your travel comprises more than one ticket, the baggage rules apply to each of those tickets separately, in which case it is very possible that you could have different allowances and excess charges etc for each of those separately ticketed journeys.

For all other long haul international travel including travel to the US en route to another country
Baggage allowances and charges may differ between different carriers and throughout your journey depending on if travel is entirely on Air New Zealand flights or a mixture of carriers.

The following checked in baggage allowances apply per person, per flight when Air New Zealand's baggage rules apply.

International Long Haul Flights
Class of Travel 1st bag 2nd bag
Economy No charge - max weight 50lbs (23kg) Excess charges apply - max weight 50lbs (23kg)
Premium Economy* No charge - max weight 50lbs (23kg) No charge - max weight 50lbs (23kg)
Business* No charge - max weight 50lbs (23kg) No charge - max weight 50lbs (23kg)
Elite / Gold / Star Gold and Koru Club Members** 1 additional piece per person, max 50lbs (max 3 pieces)

Maximum weight for each piece of baggage is 50lbs (23kg) and total linear dimensions (length+width+height)should not exceed 62"(158cm).

Domestic New Zealand Flights
Fare Type
1st bag 2nd bag
Smart Saver
No charge - max weight 50lbs (23kg) Excess charges apply - max weight 50lbs (23kg)
Flexi Plus
No charge - max weight 50lbs (23kg) Excess charges apply - max weight 50lbs (23kg)
Elite / Gold / Star Gold and Koru Club Members 1 additional piece (max 50 lbs 23kg each)

Maximum weight for each piece of baggage is 50lbs (23kg) and total linear dimensions (length+width+height)should not exceed 62"(158cm).

* This Premium Economy and Business baggage allowance applies on Air New Zealand flights. If part of your journey includes codeshare flights or flights on other airlines you will need to check the operating carriers' websites for their allowance.

** The maximum any traveller can check-in under the free allowance is 3 pieces when travelling in Business, regardless of membership status. 4 or more pieces will have the applicable excess baggage charges applied. The additional piece for Koru members is only available on Air New Zealand operated and ticketed flights.

Excess baggage and prepaid Extra Bags charges

Please be aware that if you wish to check in more than the permitted checked in baggage allowance excess charges will apply. Overweight / oversized items will also be subject to a charge.

Airport excess baggage is charged in the currency of the country of departure. For departures from the United States, when Air New Zealand's baggage rules apply, charges applicable at each stopover point throughout your journey are as follows:

For bookings made on or after 13 December 2011 and before 21 November 2012 for travel on or after 17 January 2012

International Allowance (ex USA)
Each additional piece (USD) Overweight charge
(>50lbs, 23kg <70lbs, 32kg)
per bag (USD)
USA to Destination 1st 2nd Each additional piece after 2nd
South West Pacific 70 200
(e.g. 270 for two)
250 70
London 70 200
(e.g. 270 for two)
250 70
UK (except London) and Europe 110 240
(e.g.350 for two)
290 70
Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan 170 300
(e.g. 470 for two)
350 70
Israel, Middle East, Africa, India 230 360
(e.g. 590 for two)
410 70


For bookings made on or after 21 November 2012 for travel on or after 26 November 2012

International excess baggage charges from USA to all destinations
Each additional piece (USD) Overweight charge (for bags over 50lbs (23kg) to a maximum of 70lbs (32kg), oversized items
1st excess
2nd excess
Each excess piece after 2nd
150 200
(e.g. 350 for two)
300 150

For departures from other countries, please select from the following: New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Fiji (Nadi), Samoa (Apia), Cook Islands (Rarotonga), Tonga, New Caledonia (Noumea), Niue, Tahiti (Papeete), Vanuatu, Bali, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Norfolk Island.

Prepaid Extra Bags rates

On Air New Zealand operated flights and when Air New Zealand's baggage rules apply, customers may have the option to pre-purchase Extra Bags before travel and save on airport excess baggage rates. The maximum baggage allowance per passenger is three checked bags including any applicable frequent flyer benefit. The following Extra Bags rates can be booked online or through the Contact Centre (service fees apply) up to 3 hours before travel commences.

Prepaid Extra Bags prices from USA (USD)
Journey type 1st prepaid Extra Bag 2nd prepaid Extra Bag
Flights between USA and all Air NZ operated destinations  70  125
Flights between New Zealand and Australia or Pacific islands, excluding travel to or via Perth or Honolulu  45  75
Flights between New Zealand and Perth or Honolulu  70  125
Domestic New Zealand flights  25  40

Baggage information - all flights

  • Infants do not receive a checked baggage allowance and can not purchase excess or prepaid extra bags.
  • In addition to any other allowances, an infant and or child is permitted to carry a stroller and or car seat free of charge, regardless of fare type including when their fare does not include a checked baggage allowance. Strollers and car seats need to be suitably packed with all straps stowed away (ideally in a travel bag) in order to be carried. Plastic bags may be available for purchase at the airport if required.
  • Any piece of baggage that weighs over 50lbs (23kg) to a maximum of 70lbs (32kg) will be subject to an overweight charge.
  • The maximum weight limit of 70lbs (32kg) for any individual piece of baggage is an industry standard. It does not relate to your overall entitlement but is a safety measure to reduce injuries to baggage handling staff. Any item over 70lbs will require repacking.
  • Medical/life equipment as well as a maximum of two wheel chairs are carried free when accompanied by the person who requires them.
  • A single sporting item that is required to be packed as more than one piece to enable that item to be carried counts as one piece. For example a bicycle with a wheel packed separately is considered one piece.
  • Each piece of checked baggage must not exceed total dimensions (length + width + height) of 62" (158cm).
  • The maximum length per piece on jet aircraft is 2 metres however this depends on the width and height of the item. Items exceeding 2 metres to a maximum of 2.5 metres in length are subject to oversized item charges.

Seat Select

Whether all you're after is the chance to pick your seat in advance, get more space or a better location on the aircraft, Seat Select gives you the choice to secure the seat you want on Air New Zealand operated flights.

If you’re one of the 70% of customers who already have access to free Standard Seating as part of your fare or Airpoints™ Status, you will continue to get this benefit. With Paid Seat Select you now also have the option to purchase a Preferred or Exit Row Seat.

If you don’t get Seat Select as part of your fare we’ve introduced some new choices. Remember, if you don’t select your seat in advance, one will be allocated to you at check-in.

Seat Select fees range from $10 - $75

Fare Hold

Hold your fare now, then come back to pay for it later.

Need some time to get things sorted before firming up your travel plans? Fare Hold gives you the opportunity to reserve fares for your selected itinerary at the displayed price for up to 3 days in exchange for a fee. Fare Hold gives you time to free up funds, or confirm travel and accommodation details with your travel companions, without having to worry whether the fares might go up in price! More information.


Fee per booking (USD)
Domestic New Zealand $10
Trans-tasman and Pacific Island Destinations
All other International Destinations $45
Note: These fees are per booking. The fee does not vary on the number of passengers in your booking.


Upgrade to Premium Economy or Business Premier

To avoid disappointment we strongly recommend that you arrange ticket changes prior to the day of travel, we do however sometimes offer on the day upgrades to Premium Economy and / or Business Premier. On the day upgrades are subject to availability and may not be available on every flight. They may only be purchased at check-in as long as the flight is still open for check-in.

Air New Zealand Airpoints and other frequent flyer accrual is based on your original booking class, not the upgraded class of travel.

For Air New Zealand operated flights departing Honolulu, Los Angeles or San Francisco charges range from USD300 - USD3500

For Air New Zealand operated flights departing London Heathrow charges range from GBP600 - GBP1970

For Air New Zealand operated flights departing Auckland charges range from NZD500 – NZD4500

Upgrade to Skycouch

If you’re booked to travel on our new Economy long-haul international service, you can choose to upgrade to our Skycouch with this upgrade product option. This option is currently only available on Air New Zealand flights operated by Boeing 777-300 aircraft.

Upgrading to the new Economy Skycouch costs:

From Auckland and Los Angeles or return

3 people in Skycouch USD200 to USD500
2 people in Skycouch USD300 to USD1500

From Los Angeles and London Heathrow or return

3 people in Skycouch USD150 to USD400
2 people in Skycouch USD200 toUSD1500

Charges are per Skycouch upgrade based on the number of people occupying the space.

Twin Seat

Air New Zealand offers its Economy passengers subject to availability, the chance to buy at check-in, a guaranteed extra seat. We call this Twin Seat and it is great if you want to enjoy a little extra room inflight. Twin seat charges.  

Inflight Bites Menu

On trans-Tasman and Pacific Island flights a range of snacks are available for purchase in addition to the meal provided with your fare where applicable. Prices range from NZD1.00 to NZD9.00

Further details and a detailed menu is available on the Eating and Drinking page.

Unaccompanied Minors

Eligible children can travel as unaccompanied minors when paying an adult fare, no additional fee applies.

Please refer to children travelling alone for eligible ages and flight details.

Inflight Medical Oxygen

Air New Zealand can supply oxygen using a pulse delivery portable oxygen concentrator or in some instances small oxygen bottles. On some longer sectors it may not be possible to supply small oxygen bottles in which case a “fixed rig” with large capacity bottles will be required, there is a great cost to this as it requires additional seats to install the rig. Charges for oxygen are:

  Zone 1 - Travel between NZ and Australia (excluding Perth) and the Pacific Islands (excluding Papeete) Zone 2 - Travel between NZ and Perth, Papeete, Bali and Honolulu Zone 3 - Travel between NZ and all other destinations excluding London. Also includes travel between London and Los Angles or Hong Kong Zone 4 -  Travel between NZ and London
Portable Bottle Domestic
NZD170 per bottle
Portable Bottle International
Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) NZD100 NZD125 NZD150 NZD200
Fixed Rig without stretcher patient NZD3,000 NZD4,000 NZD5,000 NZD7,000
Fixed Rig with stretcher NZD1700 - charge is in addition to stretcher cost.

When travel covers more than a single zone the charges are cumulative, when paid in a currency other than NZD the charge will be converted and collected in the local currency at the time of payment.

There is no charge for customer supplied portable oxygen concentrators however restrictions apply to there acceptance and use.

In all cases medical clearance is required in advance where oxygen is required in flight, for more details please refer to travelling with a medical condition

Service Fees

New bookings and changes made via an Air New Zealand Contact Centre, Travelcentre or airport ticketing desk will have the following fees applied. Fees are on a per person basis based on your location at the time of your transaction and are additional to fare change penalties, visa or supplier fees where applicable. In all cases service fees are non refundable.

New Bookings Service Fee Range

Changing a Booking

Air New Zealand Holidays

Electronic Visa Processing

In the US

USD15.00 to 200

USD15.00 to 100


USD20.00 to 100

In Canada

CAD15 to 100

CAD15 to 100


CAD20to 100

In the UK and Northern Ireland

GBP20 to 100

GBP30 to 100


GBP15 to 60

In New Zealand

NZD30 to 150

NZD30 to 150


NZD30 to 100

In Australia

AUD30 to 150

AUD25 to 100


AUD25 to 100

In Europe

EUR30 to 100

EUR30 to 60


EUR30 to 60

In Hong Kong

HKD180 to 400

HKD180 to 400


HKD180 to 400

In China

CNY150 to 300

CNY150 to 300


CNY150 to 300

Airpoints Processing - Please refer to

Miscellaneous fees including paper ticketing, document searches, reproducing E Ticket receipts, ticket endorsement, refunds on visa required tickets USD15 to 100

Codeshare Flights and Partner Airlines

Codeshare flights are flights with a “NZ” flight number which are operated by a partner airline, as such the operating carriers optional fees may apply. For details of each of our partner airlines optional fees please use the links below.

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Air Rarotonga (links to homepage)
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Etihad Airways
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United Airlines
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