Twin Seat LogoSee the tables below for Twin Seat price details, which are per person/per sector.

Please ask Air New Zealand's check-in counter staff for more information on the availability of a Twin Seat on your flight.

Twin Seats are not available on all flights and are subject to availability at the time of check-in. Not all arm rests onboard our aircraft fully retract and therefore Twin Seat is not intended for, and may not allow you to sit across or lay across multiple seats.

Travel from New Zealand

New Zealand to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo & Osaka
From Auckland

Travel from USA, Canada, London, Hong Kong, Honolulu, China & Japan

USA, Canada, London, Hong Kong, Honolulu, China & Japan to New Zealand
From Los Angeles USD $60
From San Francisco USD $60
From Vancouver CAD $75
From Honolulu USD $60
From Shanghai CNY 400
From Beijing CNY 400
From Hong Kong HKD $450
From Tokyo JPY 6000
From Osaka JPY 6000
From Los Angeles to London USD $60
From London to Los Angeles GBP £40