Elite Airpoints™ Dollar Upgrades exclusively allow Elite Airpoints members to request upgrades using Airpoints Dollars™ at fixed rates.

To see how much an Elite Airpoints Dollar Upgrade will cost using Airpoints Dollars™, view the Elite Airpoints Dollar Upgrade chart.

It is easy to request an Elite Airpoints Dollar upgrade. You can make the request at the time of booking or simply sign into your Air New Zealand account and request your Elite Airpoints Dollar Upgrade via your booking in your My Bookings section. Alternatively, you can call the Air New Zealand Contact Centre.

How are upgrades confirmed?

Your Elite Airpoints Dollar Upgrades should be made at the time of booking or as early as possible. This allows us to fully assess your flight prior to departure and improves your chances of having your upgrade confirmed. You must put your upgrade request in at least 7 days before your flight so that we can consider it prior to OneUp upgrades.

Your upgrade could be confirmed up to 355 days in advance of your flight.

Upgrades are subject to limited upgrade class availability and the availability of unsold seats (some seats are held for commercial sale right up to the point of departure).

What happens if my upgrade isn’t confirmed?

If your Elite Airpoints Dollar Upgrade isn't confirmed, your upgrade will be refunded back into your Air New Zealand account.

Important points

  • Air New Zealand Upgrades are only available on Air New Zealand operated and ticketed flights.
  • Airpoints members will earn Airpoints Dollars and Status Points according to the earn rate of the original fare purchased.