Making a OneUp offer

If you’ve booked an Air New Zealand ticketed and operated international flight, OneUp™ upgrade requests can be made in several ways:

  • You can go to “Manage Booking” and follow the link to submit a OneUp offer.
  • You may get an email from us fourteen days before your flight which includes a link to the page where you can make a OneUp offer.
  • Airpoints™ members can sign-in to their Air New Zealand account once your booking's confirmed.
  • If you’ve booked through a New Zealand or Australia based travel agent, you can ask your agent about making a OneUp upgrade request.
  • Otherwise you can always call the Air New Zealand Contact Centre

    Service fees may apply if requesting upgrades via the Contact Centre, Air New Zealand Holidays Store or your travel agent.

Submit an offer.

How to use OneUp

Using OneUp is really simple. If it’s at least seven days before your flight, go online to the OneUp page and follow the step-by-step process:

  • Decide what you’re willing to offer
  • Submit your offer
  • Provide your payment details - you can pay by credit card, debit card or by using your Airpoints Dollars™*
  • Check your offer and then submit.

Find out early

We'll let you know by email three to seven days before your flight departs whether your upgrade is successful or not. If the flight is particularly full, we'll tell you that we will review your offer 7-9 hours before the flight's departure.

Move up one cabin class

Passengers who’ve purchased an Economy class ticket, ticketed and operated by Air New Zealand, can make an offer to upgrade to Premium Economy. Passengers who’ve purchased a Premium Economy ticket can make an offer to upgrade to Business Premier. Of course, on flights where there are only two cabin classes, you’ll be able to make an offer to upgrade straight from Economy to Business.

What do the OneUp changes mean for Airpoints Members?

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