Earning rates are calculated off the fare (excluding airport and government taxes) that you purchase. This means you’ll get more Airpoints Dollars™ and Status Points for a more expensive fare than you will for a deal fare.

We have developed a handy earning rates look-up table to help you work out what you could earn on Air New Zealand and partner flights. Visit www.airnzpoints.co.nz, fill in your departure and arrival cities and we’ll do the rest - it’s that easy.

Things to Remember

  • Always provide your Airpoints™ membership number when you book a flight or check in so we can credit your account with your Airpoints Dollars and Status Points.
  • If you are missing Airpoints Dollars or Status Points after you have flown simply sign in to your Air New Zealand account, click on My Bookings then click on Claim missing Airpoints to process your request. Remember to keep your original boarding passes and tickets (or E-ticket receipts) as these may be required.