Elite, Gold and Silver Airpoints™ members receive Recognition Upgrades which are viewable in their Air New Zealand account. These one cabin class, single sector upgrades are Air New Zealand’s way of saying thank you for choosing to fly with us.

  • Elite Members receive two Recognition Upgrades and one Elite Short Haul Recognition Upgrade per membership year, plus the ability to gift these to anyone on their gifting register.
  • Gold members receive two Recognition Upgrades per membership year.
  • Silver members receive one Recognition Upgrade per membership year.

Recognition upgrades can each be used to move up one cabin class per sector. This means:

  • On 767 aircraft members can move from Economy to Business using one upgrade.
  • On 777 or 787 aircrafts members can upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy or Premium Economy to Business Premier using one upgrade. Members can combine two together to move from Economy to Business Class on these aircrafts.

It is easy to use your Recognition Upgrades. Simply sign into your Air New Zealand account and request your Recognition Upgrade via your booking in your My Bookings section. Alternatively, you can call the Air New Zealand Contact Centre.

How are upgrades confirmed?

To improve your chances of having your upgrade confirmed it’s best to request a Recognition Upgrade at the time you book or at least 7 days before your flight as this allows us to fully assess your request prior to departure and before OneUp upgrades are considered.

When will the confirmation of my Recognition Upgrade take place?
Elite Up to 355 days prior to the scheduled flight time if upgrade classes are available.
Gold Up to 6 days prior to the scheduled flight time after Elite upgrades are confirmed.
Silver Up to 6 days prior to the scheduled flight time after Elite and Gold upgrades are confirmed.

Upgrades are subject to limited upgrade class availability and the availability of unsold seats (some seats are held for commercial sale right up to the point of departure).

High load factors may prevent us from confirming Recognition Upgrades in advance of travel. If this is the case, Elite, Gold and Silver upgrade requests will be prioritised for any remaining seats on these flights at the airport by order of tier status.

What happens if my upgrade isn’t confirmed?

If your Recognition Upgrade isn't confirmed, your upgrade will be refunded back into your Air New Zealand account.

Important points

  • Air New Zealand Upgrades are only available on Air New Zealand operated and ticketed flights.
  • Airpoints members will earn Airpoints Dollars™ and Status Points according to the earn rate of the original fare purchased.
  • Recognition and OneUp Upgrades are made for each sector of a journey. This means on a flight from Auckland to London via Los Angeles you will need to make two upgrade requests - one for the Auckland to Los Angeles leg then one for the Los Angeles to London leg. If you would like to use your Recognition Upgrade and an OneUp upgrade you will need to call the Air New Zealand Contact Centre. They will divide your booking and then you’ll need to request your Recognition Upgrade first. After this you can make an OneUp offer on the remaining sector. If you’re eligible for Elite Airpoints Dollar Upgrades, then you’ll need to request these first, and then make an OneUp offer.