COVID-19: North America services to operate via Honolulu

As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce the risk of our crew members contracting COVID-19, while still maintaining vital connections into North America, our passenger services to and from Los Angeles will change to operate via Honolulu from Tuesday, 2 February 2021.

This change is to allow our crew members to overnight in Honolulu rather than Los Angeles.

Services from New Zealand will make a stop in Honolulu to change crew, before continuing to Los Angeles. Crew members will then remain airside and operate the return flight to Honolulu, where there will be a further crew change to operate back to New Zealand.

We appreciate this change in route may affect the plans of some customers, however, we thank you for your understanding, while we work closely with the Government and Ministry of Health officials on safe travel protocols to protect our employees, customers, and the community.

Affected customers will be advised of these changes in the coming weeks.