Our top tips for travel these holidays ✈️

Airports will be busier than ever this holiday period. Here are our top travel tips to help you prepare:

  1. Check-in early. You can check in up to 24 hours before your flight by downloading the Air NZ app or online. And, if there are any changes to the status of your flight, having the app will make sure you receive any notifications and are kept up to date.
  2. If you’re travelling with your family and children this summer, try and choose seats next to each other and file any documentation you need prior to coming to the airport. This makes the whole process much smoother and takes a little bit of stress away when you get to the airport.
  3. Check the travel requirements for the country you're travelling to and complete any travel declarations well in advance of your travel.
  4. Pack within your limits. Our baggage calculator can save you from repacking your luggage at the airport. If you'd like to carry an additional bag, prepurchase this before your flight online here. This makes the process hassle-free when you get to the airport.

  5. Ensure you’re not carrying anything that is considered dangerous goods by security – (did you know - Christmas crackers are dangerous goods?!). Here’s a helpful link Checked-in baggage restricted items – Air New Zealand. Put wireless earbuds and loose batteries into your carry on.
  6. Put a name label on your bag as well as something that is unique – a coloured ribbon or brightly coloured decor will make it much easier to identify.
  7. Whether it’s a bike or surf board, if you’re planning on taking oversized luggage these holidays, please read everything you need to know here first, plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time to check in these items at the oversized baggage kiosk. This process takes a little longer than normal bag check in, so please get in early or consider sending your gear as cargo.
  8. If you’re travelling with a pet these holidays, the IATA Live Animal Regulations have recently been updated (these are the standards we need to follow so your furry friends are safe, comfortable and well-looked after during flight). Not all pet carriers are equal so please check here for further information on travelling with pets.
  9. If you’re travelling with any valuables, we’d encourage you to purchase travel insurance and pack important things like medicine or inhalers, wedding dresses, keys, and wallets into your carry on, so you have everything you need in case there’s any disruption.
  10. Leave for the airport nice and early. Plan for traffic during peak periods getting to and around the airport, especially in our bigger cities

  11. Arrive early. Airports will be incredibly busy in December and January. Please arrive at the airport at least 60 minutes before your flight if travelling domestically. If you are travelling early in the morning and across the Tasman, please check in 2 hours before your flight. For all other international travel, please allow three hours. Add a bit more time if you’re travelling with pets, oversized bags, or require special assistance – such as children travelling alone.

  12. Don’t leave it until the last minute to go through security screening. There may be longer queues at security given the holiday rush. Please take personal electronics out nice and early to speed up the process.

We’re heading into a very busy summer and we know there are times when things don’t go to plan! Our customer team are always doing their best to help sort out these disruptions and it can be complex trying to re-book a whole flight load of customers. If things aren’t going to plan for you, please try to be as patient as you can with our team who will be working hard to reaccommodate you. We know how important it is to keep you moving!