Say 'kia ora' to Oscar!

Introducing Air New Zealand's helpful and award-winning chatbot, Oscar. Got a question about your upcoming flight? Give him a try!
Oscar, Air New Zealand’s online service chatbot.

Oscar's been trained to help with commonly asked travel questions, with a unique personality. The more people chat with him, the more he learns, making his artificial intelligence smarter every day. He's adaptable and accessible across multiple devices and platforms with new content being added constantly. As Air New Zealand strives to be at the forefront of innovation, Oscar's been a huge boost to how we help customers right when they need it.

Oscar, Air New Zealand’s online service chatbot.

Oscar can help in more than 570 ways

Try short and simple phrases like:

  • Where should I fly?
  • Resend my booking confirmation
  • Check my Airpoints Dollars™ balance
  • Claim missing Airpoints Dollars
  • Order a replacement Airpoints card
  • Book or change a flight
  • Change my username or password 
  • Confirm my flight time
  • Confirm my seat 
  • Confirm my special meal 
  • Confirm my bag allowance 

And that's just the beginning.

Pro tip: sign in so Oscar can look up your personal information for you. It's easier for him to help you that way!

Where can you find him


Did you know…?

Oscar has been a very helpful bot since he launched in February 2017, assisting hundreds of thousands of customers:

  • on more than 570 different topics
  • with 2,000 sessions on average per day
  • in solving approximately 75% of their enquiries

Try this:

Not only is Oscar friendly and helpful, he also has his own personality and can be a little cheeky. Ask him some of the following to see what he replies with:

  • Tell me a dad joke
  • What are you doing?
  • What's the meaning of life?
  • Who's your mother?
  • Who's your daddy?

Plus, Oscar provides the information that powers the Air New Zealand skill on Alexa, the cloud-based voice service that is available on Amazon's Echo Plus, Echo, and Echo dot devices. 

Worried about your privacy?

Oscar's here to help with your travel! He might ask about your Air New Zealand account, bookings, and other travel-related things in order to assist. Oscar's software records whatever you tell him. But he de-identifies as much of your conversation as possible, and will only ask for personal information if it's necessary to help with your questions. If you're signed into our website when you chat with him, Oscar will use information from your Air New Zealand account to help answer your questions.

We also have a special team here at Air New Zealand who look after Oscar and we take privacy very seriously. Our Privacy centre lets you know what information we might collect, use and share about you and how you can trust Air New Zealand with your data, control your own data, and engage with us further if you'd like to.