Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard

If you or someone you're travelling with has a hidden disability, you can wear a Hidden Disability lanyard which indicates to our staff that you may like some extra assistance or care.

We understand that living with a hidden disability, such as autism, anxiety, vision or hearing impairments, chronic pain or dementia, can make travel more challenging.

The Hidden Disabilities sunflower scheme is an international approach which is recognised by Air New Zealand staff and a growing number of airports, tourism attractions and accommodation providers.

If you're travelling with a disability that is not immediately obvious, you may wish to wear a sunflower lanyard, pin or bracelet to discreetly signal to our crew that you may need additional understanding, time and support. Our staff are trained in how to approach, support and guide you through your journey.

The lanyards, which are bright green in colour and decorated with an easily recognisable sunflower design, are entirely voluntary and indicate to staff that a passenger may:

  • Need more time to process information or more time to prepare themselves at check-in, boarding or disembarking
  • Need clearer verbal instructions, as it can be difficult to understand facial expressions and/or body language
  • Need help reading departure boards or signs
  • Always need to stay with family or friends
  • Benefit from more information on what to expect before, during and after their flight

Please keep in mind that a sunflower lanyard won't help you get through queues faster or provide a personal escort or wheelchair through your airport journey. 

Cropped image of aircraft passenger wearing hidden disabilities sunflower lanyard

How to get a Hidden Disability Sunflower lanyard

If you're travelling throughout New Zealand, the airports at Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, Invercargill, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Queenstown and Wellington have adopted the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower. Prior to your travel, you can request a free lanyard from the airport company, which you can collect at the airport to keep and use on future trips.

If you're departing from other international airports, or would like to know more, visit the Hidden Disabilities website.