Fleet: 64
46 destinations in 15 countriesAsiana Airlines Logo.
Major Hub Airports: Seoul
Frequent Flyer Programme: Asiana Club

Asiana is South Korea's second largest carrier carrying over 12 million passengers a year. Asiana serves the Asia market by providing extensive connections between Korea, China and Japan. They also operate services to South East Asia, North America, Europe and Sydney among other destinations.

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Earning Airpoints Dollars™ or Status Points on Asiana Airlines

Accrual Class
Booking Class
First Class
A, F, P
Business Class
C, D, J, Z
Full Economy  
E, U, Y
Discount Economy
B, H, K, M, Q, S, V, W
Note Travel in booking class U will earn the Full Economy level not the Business Class level.

Booking classes that are not mentioned are not eligible for accrual.

KFTC Maintenance Information Directive

As of 1 August 2016 the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) and IATA require airlines that operate codeshare services to and from Korea conform to this directive. Given Air New Zealand is a codeshare partner with Asiana Airlines, we are required to publicise the following information to our customers:

Asiana Conditions of Carriage

Directive information on Asiana Airlines website

Asiana Airline fleet information

Registration No.
Aircraft Type
Month of Manufacture
HL7737 A320-200 MAR 2005
HL7738 A320-200 MAY 2005
HL7769 A320-200 FEB 2008
HL7772 A320-200 APR 2008
HL7773 A320-200 APR 2008
HL7776 A320-200 SEP 2008
HL7788 A320-200 APR 2009
HL7594 A321-100 NOV 2000
HL7703 A321-100 MAY 2001
HL7731 A321-200 JUN 2004
HL7763 A321-200 OCT 2007
HL7767 A321-200 MAR 1998
HL7789 A321-200 NOV 2009
HL7790 A321-200 DEC 2009
HL8236 A321-200 FEB 2000
HL8256 A321-200 MAY 2012
HL8257 A321-200 JUN 2012
HL8265 A321-200 AUG 2012
HL8266 A321-200 OCT 2012
HL8267 A321-200 DEC 2012
HL8277 A321-200 FEB 2013
HL8278 A321-200 MAR 2013
HL8279 A321-200 MAY 2013
HL8280 A321-200 SEP 2013
HL8281 A321-200 SEP 2013
HL8004 A321-200 SEP 2014
HL8018 A321-200 DEC 2014
HL8038 A321-200 SEP 2015
HL8039 A321-200 OCT 2015
HL8059 A321-200 APR 2016
HL8060 A321-200 MAY 2016
HL7247 B767-300
NOV 1993
HL7248 B767-300 JUN 1995
HL7506 B767-300 DEC 1996
HL7514 B767-300 APR 1997
HL7515 B767-300 APR 1997
HL7516 B767-300 JUL 1997
HL7528 B767-300 MAR 1998
HL7736 A330-300 NOV 2004
HL7740 A330-300 MAY 2005
HL7741 A330-300 NOV 2005
HL7746 A330-300 JUN 2006
HL7747 A330-300 NOV 2006
HL7754 A330-300 JUN 2007
HL7792 A330-300 MAR 2009
HL7793 A330-300 SEP 2009
HL7794 A330-300 AUG 2010
HL7795 A330-300 FEB 2011
HL8258 A330-300 JUN 2012
HL8259 A330-300 JUL 2012
HL8282 A330-300 JUN 2013
HL8286 A330-300 OCT 2013
HL8293 A330-300 MAR 2104
HL7596 B777-200ER JAN 2001
HL7597 B777-200ER AUG 2001
HL7700 B777-200ER MAY 2002
HL7732 B777-200ER MAY 2004
HL7739 B777-200ER JUL 2005
HL7755 B777-200ER MAY 2007
HL7756 B777-200ER JUL 2007
HL7775 B777-200ER NOV 2008
HL7791 B777-200ER MAR 2010
HL8254 B777-200ER JUN 2012
HL8284 B777-200ER JUL 2013
HL7421 B747-400C JUL 1996
HL7423 B747-400C MAY 1997
HL7418 B747-400P JUN 1994
HL7428 B747-400P MAY 1998
HL7625 A380-800 DEC 2013
HL7626 A380-800 FEB 2014
HL7634 A380-800 DEC 2014
HL7635 A380-800 FEB 2015