Need some Wi-Fi help?

Trouble staying connected? Here are a few possible reasons why.

Did you connect to the network?

Search for AirNZ_InflightWiFi and connect to it from your device.

Did you register?

After you connect to our network, you'll need to register by opening a browser on your device. If our Wi-Fi portal doesn't automatically show up, enter in the address bar and follow the prompts.

Refresh and try again

If you were idle for too long or the connection dropped for a moment, refresh your browser or try what you were doing again. Still not working? Head to

Try again in 10 minutes

We might have temporarily lost connection to our satellite. Try connecting again in 10 minutes. Let the crew know if it takes longer.

Are we about to descend?

Wi-Fi is only available after take-off and before descent. Be sure to wrap up your work and send all your selfies before we get ready to land.

Were you on a VPN?

You might need to disconnect from your VPN, open a new browser, and enter in the address bar and register again.

Something taking a little too long?

Our Inflight Wi-Fi is pretty impressive, with your signal travelling 40,000km to a satellite above, and sent back to you while you move more than 800km per hour through the sky! It's perfect for good quality browsing, emails, social media, and messaging. If there's a momentary lag, it won't be long at all before it comes right.

A handy tip here is to let your music buffer, use lower resolution messaging apps like WhatsApp, send emails without an image signature, and refresh or try again if the system seems to be lagging. Please sit tight while the satellite works its magic! The speed will return.