FlyNeutral FAQs

You can find out more on voluntary carbon offsetting from the New Zealand Government. See the Ministry for the Environment's Guidance for voluntary carbon offsetting.


How much environmental damage does flying cause?

Why do we refer to carbon - is carbon the only greenhouse gas?

What is carbon offsetting?

What are carbon credits and how do they work?

Where do carbon credits come from?

How is carbon offsetting transacted?

How does carbon offsetting work in the context of aviation?

Does Air New Zealand offset its carbon emissions?

Calculating emissions

Contributions to New Zealand biodiversity projects

Is my biodiversity contribution a carbon offset?

How much of my FlyNeutral payment goes to New Zealand projects?

Which projects in New Zealand does FlyNeutral support?

What if I just want to offset my carbon emissions and not pay for biodiversity?

Do I receive a tax credit for using FlyNeutral?

Offsetting emissions under FlyNeutral

What are the emission reduction projects in FlyNeutral?

How much are the carbon credits in FlyNeutral?

How can you be sure your chosen carbon credits projects reduce carbon emissions?

How is a carbon credit created?

Who is Climate Impact Partners?

Does Air New Zealand make a margin on the carbon credits purchased under FlyNeutral?

Retirement at registry

How are my emissions calculated?

How do I know that the carbon credits I purchase under FlyNeutral actually offset my emissions?

How and why is a carbon credit retired or cancelled?

Which registries is FlyNeutral using?

What is the IHS Markit Environmental Registry?

When are FlyNeutral carbon credits retired?

Relationship of FlyNeutral with the Emissions Trading Scheme

Is FlyNeutral part of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZETS)?

Why offer FlyNeutral when you already comply with the NZETS?

When I offset, am I paying for Air New Zealand's emissions under the NZETS?