Conventions Plus and Meetings Plus

1,330 airports, 192 countries, 28 airlines, one central point of contact.

Conventions Plus and Meetings Plus are Star Alliance products that provide you travel solutions for both large and medium to small sized conventions. In a nutshell, Conventions/Meetings Plus both ensure delegates can travel on a discounted fare to your conference from any airport that’s part of the Star Alliance network.

Both products offer you a single point of contact for all convention flights arrangements and an online tool for delegates to book their own flights if they prefer. This Star Alliance product is unique in that it allows your delegates to book interline fares – combining booking classes among the participating member carriers.

If they are a member of one of the Star Alliance frequent flyer programmes, they will be able to earn miles or points on all eligible fares. If they hold Star Alliance Gold status, they are also entitled to access any of over 1,000 lounges together with a guest during their travel and will enjoy other Gold customer benefits such as priority luggage tagging and priority airport check-in.

How do I qualify for Conventions Plus?

  • Your convention must be for over 350 participants
  • The nationalities of these participants must span at last two continents

How do I qualify for Meetings Plus?

  • You meeting must be for at least 50 participants
  • The nationalities of these participants must span at last two continents

How do I join?

  • You need to either contact our Conference Support team at to discuss your requirements or register your request for proposal on the Star Alliance website
  • After a quick analysis of your needs, a member airline will be assigned to you and an airline representative will be in contact
  • Our Organiser Support Programme allows you to earn credits which you can use to fund organiser support tickets, for your own travel or for guest speakers
  • These start at 500 EUR for the first 50 bookings and 150 EUR for every subsequent 25
  • You will also be provided with a marketing support package to help with promoting this service

How do my participants benefit?

  • The online booking tool give participants complete control over their own travel plans
  • Discounted fares are available for every delegate and one accompanying person travelling with them
  • Flights can be booked to arrive up to two weeks before the event begins and depart up to two weeks after it ends
  • Fares can be booked across multiple airlines and a combination of booking classes
  • There is no booking fee

How do I benefit?

  • Documentation takes place online and is simplified by standardised terms and conditions
  • Discounts are up to 20% of the published fare (depending on booking class) with lower class fares eligible for discounts of between four and ten percent

Contact our Air NZ Conference Support team at for support or further information.