Springtime is about new beginnings. It's when our beautiful forests come to life with new growth of wild flowers and baby animals play. The mild spring temperatures work to pull away the blankets of snow off the mountains and slumbering trees and foliage awaken. It is an exhilarating season for nature lovers and an unforgettable experience for new visitors.

The New Zealand spring early season offers terrific savings and we're not talking just about airfare! Throughout the country, discounts and specials are available on lodging, dining, shopping and recreation. Many communities celebrate festivals and events during this time.

The warm refreshing days and cool comfortable evenings are ideal. The relaxing, uncrowded travel conditions will be a relief compared to the hectic summer travel in the
United States.

Spring, New Zealand's forgotten season is waiting for you to discover and enjoy!

To learn more about what makes spring special in the different regions of New Zealand, click on the map & links below.


New Zealand Map.

  1. Northland
  2. Auckland
  3. Coromandel
  4. Tauranga
  5. Rotorua
  6. Gisborne
  7. Taranaki
  8. Hawkes Bay
  9. Wanganui
  10. Wairarapa
  11. Wellington
  12. Nelson
  13. Marlborough
  14. Christchurch
  15. West Coast
  16. Wanaka
  17. Queenstown
  18. Dunedin

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