Even better - please provide your email address and authorisation which we will forward to Link Market Services, our Share Registrar, allowing them to communicate with you by email. Simply email an authorisation and CSN/Holder number from your last Link shareholding statement.
(Note: do not ever email your FIN number which you should keep secure and confidential like a bank PIN number. Your FIN number does NOT appear on your Link statements)

Please email the text of your preferred option A or B

  1. I wish to receive all Air New Zealand shareholder communications via email where available.
    Send to: shares@airnz.co.nz
  2. I would like to receive notification by email, only when a potentially misleading offer for Air New Zealand shares has been made.
    Send to: lowballoffers@airnz.co.nz

If the email address you email from is not your preferred email address, please provide this in the body of the email.