Winter in Gisborne

While in Gisborne, visitors can truly enjoy the wine and café lifestyle while overlooking the picturesque inner harbour. Or, for those wanting to escape the city, we recommend driving on of the Southern Hemisphere's great coastal road journeys, State Highway 35, around the East Cape to Gisborne.

Renowned for its perfect swimming beaches and miles of untouched coastline, the Eastland Region is known as New Zealand's 'coastal playground'. Travel the southern reaches of Eastland to explore rustic and natural New Zealand. Discover forest-fringed Lake Waikaremoana - the centerpiece of New Zealand's third largest national park, Te Urewera and one of New Zealand's great walks.

This region also abounds in history and culture as the first meeting place of the two cultures, where Captain Cook discovered New Zealand in 1769. For all activity and accommodation information contact:

Gisborne Visitor Information Centre
209 Grey Street
Tel: +64 6 868 6139 or

The Maori name for the district is Tairawhiti which means "The coast upon which the sun shines across the water". Kaiti Beach, near the city, was where the Maori immigrational waka, Horouta, landed; and is also the first European landing place in New Zealand where Captain Cook first set foot in 1769. European settlement was established in 1831.

Spring in Gisborne

Visit in spring and celebrate in style with the region's first Wine and Food Festival, held in October.

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Summer in Gisborne

Renowned for its perfect swimming beaches and miles of untouched coastline, the Eastland Region is known as New Zealand's "coastal playground" in the summer time where temperatures are warm and where Gisborne is one of the sunniest places in New Zealand.

Tour to the southern reaches of Eastland and explore rustic and natural New Zealand at its most authentic.

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Autumn in Gisborne

Autumn offers the opportunity for some great touring during this quieter time of year. Here you can truly enjoy the slower pace that is created by the relaxed and friendly people who live here.

We suggest you take one of the Southern Hemisphere's great coastal road journeys, which is especially enticing in the Autumn. State Highway 35 will take you around the East Cape to Gisborne. Here you will find miles upon miles of untouched coastline, from Opotiki around the East Cape to Gisborne, and on to Mahia and Wairoa. There are scores of beautiful beaches, bays and quaint coastal villages waiting to welcome you.

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Winter in Gisborne

Winter is the perfect time to discover the rich Maori and European history that abounds in this region. This is the place where the first Polynesian voyages landed and where Captain James Cook made his first landfall.

This region is a living museum of both Maori and European histories. There are numerous ornately carved Maori wharenui - or meeting houses - which are still the focus of Maori social and cultural gatherings. About the district are many memorials and place names which are the legacy of Captain James Cook and his first European landfall here in 1769.

The Tairawhiti Museum at Gisborne, including the salvaged wheelhouse of the S.S. Star of Canada, houses fascinating collections of historic artefacts and displays. For those with time to tour, State Highway 35 north of Gisborne takes you on the Tairawhiti Heritage Trail. This trail takes you to the various historic and cultural sites of interest. Other great winter time activities in the Eastland region include a tour of the wine museum at Lindauer Cellars, a soak in the hot pools at Morere Hot Springs, a garden tour including the world renowned Eastwoodhill Arboretum or a visit to Toihoukura - New Zealand's premiere Maori art school and gallery.

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Gisbourne, New Zealand.

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