Our Frequent Flyer partnerships with these airlines mean there are even more destinations for Airpoints™ members to reward themselves with. Why not have a look today and see how many Airpoints Dollars™ you need for reward travel with our other airline partners?

Want to book your flight?

If you would like to use your Airpoints Dollars to book an Air New Zealand flight operated by Cathay Pacific or Virgin Australia go to myairnz and book online. These flights must have an Air New Zealand flight number e.g. NZ7900 across the Tasman or NZ4993 between Auckland and Hong Kong.

To book your reward flight on Cathay Pacific, Etihad Airways, Jet Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia without an Air New Zealand flight number*, contact your Air New Zealand Contact Centre.

Reward tickets on our airline partners are limited and subject to availability. As with other reward travel, any additional taxes, levies or surcharges must be paid for with cash (by credit card or Poli), not Airpoints Dollars.