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Our Guarantee

After you have purchased the lowest available round trip fare from, if you find an Air New Zealand fare for the same journey available on another website that same day, which is lower than the fare you have just purchased, we'll refund you the difference plus an additional US$25.

How the Offer Works

  • Book and purchase your round trip ticket online at
  • On the same day as your purchase, if you find a lower fare on another US based website for the same Air New Zealand journey call 1-800-262-1234 to register your claim
  • Once we have verified the availability of the Lower Online Fare (defined below), we'll refund the difference plus US$25

* Terms & Conditions

  1. The online price guarantee applies only to customers who make a qualifying round trip airfare purchase on Air New Zealand ticketed and operated flights to London, New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific and do so through the website on or after Dec 01, 2011. The offer is not valid for itineraries that include flights operated by other airlines (such as code share and Star Alliance flights).
  2. Claims under this guarantee must be made within 24 hours of ticket purchase. Claims must be made by calling 1-800-262-1234. Claims may not be made through any other Air New Zealand phone number.
  3. The fare purchased must be the lowest available on for your chosen Air New Zealand itinerary at the time of purchase. If there is a lower fare available for the same journey on and you do not purchase it then you do not qualify for the guarantee. The guarantee is valid only for published retail fares available on USA based web sites for the same flight(s), travel date(s), and travel itinerary for the same number of passenger(s). Fares must be in the same cabin(s) (Economy,  Premium Economy, Business).
  4. The online price guarantee applies only to U.S. point-of-sale with travel originating and terminating at Los Angeles, San Francisco or Honolulu for tickets purchased at
  5. In order to qualify for the guarantee you must book the lowest round trip fare for a flight with an Air New Zealand prefix (NZ) and operated by Air New Zealand, which originates and terminates in Los Angeles, San Francisco or Honolulu.
  6. "Lower Online Fare" is defined as being a published retail fare available via a website operated by another United States retailer for the same journey that is cheaper than the published retail fare purchased on The purchased fare and the "Lower Online Fare" must exclude any applicable taxes, levies and surcharges when compared. Fares not available to the general public which include, but are not limited to Corporate, wholesaler, consolidator, student, group fares are not eligible. Opaque agencies where carrier and itinerary details are not known until after purchase also excluded from comparison. Online operator must be an accredited distributor of Air New Zealand airfares. Does not apply to package fares, such as airfares sold as part of a package. Does not apply to Infants fares.
  7. The US website containing the Lower Online Fare must provide capability to book that fare.
  8. Air New Zealand must be able to verify the availability for purchase of the Lower Online Fare online at the time of claim review and that the lower fare does not exist on The confirmed airfare you purchased on will be compared to the available airfare on the other site.
  9. Other methods of verification (e.g. fax, screen prints) are not acceptable. If Air New Zealand cannot reasonably verify (in its sole discretion) the availability of the "Lower Online Fare" at the time the claim is made by phone then it may decline the claim.
  10. The difference between the fares plus US$25 will be refunded to the credit card used for the original purchase on The refund will only be made after travel has been completed and will be made within 60 days of that date. There is no limit to the amount of the refund.
  11. The refund is the sole and exclusive benefit that will be provided under this guarantee.
  12. Void where prohibited by law. Air New Zealand reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time without notice.