Inside, travellers will find a spacious circular designer space offering a choice of different zones to interact, relax and replenish. The lounge also offers New Zealand brands such as 42 Below Vodka and South Gin, Chai Teas, Living Nature skincare, New Zealand wines and cheeses and other foodstuffs, plus New Zealand newspapers and magazines.

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Melbourne International Lounge.

Melbourne International Lounge.

Melbourne International Lounge.

Melbourne International Lounge.


Like the kitchen forms the heart of every home, the Replenish zone is at the centre of the lounge and offers customers the opportunity to enjoy a snack and a drink. The room is marked by an 8.5 metre wooden communal kitchen table where customers can lay out a newspaper, help themselves to a glass of wine from inlaid wine chillers and chat with a group of friends.

The room also features café tables and chairs, a full bar fridge, food servery area, tea and coffee station and stylish bar area. A kitchen has been built on the premises and will prepare all food on site.


This space features a mock veranda complete with wooden 'decking', rattan armchairs with outdoor linen covers, comfy cushions, throws and prime window space overlooking the tarmac. Like its namesake this zone is an area which allows customers a quiet space to relax.


A luxuriously furnished area with shag pile carpet and a long upholstered couch, textured fabric walls in muted tones and gossamer pull back curtain to zone off seating areas for added privacy. The zone also offers access to magazines, newspapers, big screen plasma TV screen and will have a special display area showcasing NZ culture.


Better described at the 'sports' area, this area feature a big screen plasma TV where a range of sports coverage will be screened, comfy chairs and ottomans, sport memorabilia on the walls and premium Speights beer on tap.


The amenity area of the lounge offers bathrooms and showers with light fittings and fixtures reminiscent of restrooms in an exclusive club or restaurant including an ornate chandelier which graces the ladies bathroom. Living Nature skincare is available for customer use.

Business Centre

Facilities include workstations, plug-ins for laptops, PCs, fax, photocopier, printers, phones and broadband internet access.

Kids Room

A special kids' room offers a colourful place for children to watch their favourite shows, play with toys and read books while mum and dad keep an eye on them from a special parent overview window visible from the lounge area.

Service Desk

A full customer service desk will operate within the lounge for guests to change their tickets, receive boarding passes and ask for special assistance.

What makes it different?

  1. No front desk at the entrance but a wooden front deck with a friendly host and a stylish functional pod made of iconic NZ rustic materials river stones, paua, totara veneer and No.8 fencing wire.
  2. No large square room full of armchairs but a roomy circular floor plan with seven distinctly different zones for customers to choose from.
  3. No uniform furnishings but different flooring, and designer furnishings, wall coverings, chairs and colour schemes in each zone.
  4. Uniquely kiwi products throughout including premium Speight's beer on tap, 42 Below Vodka and South Gin, Chai Teas, NZ wines, cheeses and other foodstuffs, New Zealand sport memorabilia, fashion designs and artwork on display and Living Nature skincare in bathrooms.
  5. Design features including a 'mock' veranda overlooking the tarmac, 8.5 metre timber communal 'kitchen' table with seating for 12 people and weatherboard walls.