As we utilise the cargo hold of our passenger aircraft, there are some size restrictions that need to be taken into consideration. To be safe, you should not plan on shipping any piece that exceeds 64 in (161cm) in height, 120 in (302cm) in length and 86 in (216cm) in width as cargo. Please refer to our container guide or your freight forwarder for exact specifications. Alternatively please contact your Air New Zealand Cargo representative.

All of our passenger aircraft have temperature controls in the pressurised cargo hold to accommodate a wide variety of general and specialised cargo. We have chiller and freezer capacity in most locations with procedures in place to ensure your product arrives to your customer in the same quality it left you in. This includes dangerous goods, foodstuffs, perishable products and live animals.

Our GO Product suite is designed to deliver our customers the services they require. For further information please click the icons below.

Go Priority Logo. GO PRIORITY delivers the fastest most highly specialised airport to airport service which recognises the critical nature of goods shipped as Go Priority.
Go Express Logo. GO EXPRESS is designed for when permanent dedicated capacity is critical to your business, especially for supply chain and fast moving consumable items, and perishable goods.
Go General Logo. GO GENERAL provides forwarders and their shippers protected capacity on a regular basis on nominated flights.

Special Services

Whether you need to ship half a dozen live rams or a valuable Monet painting, our team of experienced cargo professionals are able to tailor a delivery solution specific to your shipping requirements.

Some restrictions apply, so please ensure you check with your local Air New Zealand Cargo representative.