Go General Logo. Our GO GENERAL service is all about understanding your needs and developing a partnership solution with you. This contracted capacity is exclusively yours on the flights you have selected in advance. This applies anywhere across our cargo network.

GO GENERAL is designed for customers wanting preferential contracted capacity on pre-selected flights across our entire network. Your shipment will be available at its destination within timeframes best suited for your purpose.

Our GO GENERAL service is best suited for shipments for replenishment of warehouse stock, less value commodities and long shelf life perishables.

GO GENERAL is a commitment to carry your cargo with dedicated capacity set aside on our flights and is reserved for your cargo only.

GO GENERAL cargo is designed with predetermined close-off time prior to flight departure and is made available at destination terminal.

Product Features

  • Available to all markets
  • Allocations or ad-hoc booking
  • Robust allocation (MOU) agreements or BSA
  • Priority 3 uplift
  • Dedicated units accepted
  • Online tracking
  • Close off 3-4 hours dependant upon market
  • Recovery 3-4 hours dependant upon market
  • 32kg loose weight restriction per piece
  • DG's


Features Specifications
Protected Capacity
Pre allocated (exclusive capacity)
Standard acceptance & recovery
Protected capacity

Confirmed bookings