Sector from (USD)
from (CAD)
Sector from (USD)
from (CAD)
Auckland to Adelaide $312 $315 Adelaide to Auckland $360 $366
Auckland to Cairns $317 $320 Cairns to Auckland  $365 $371
Auckland to Papeete (Tahiti)  $295 $296 Papeete (Tahiti) to Auckland $317 $319
Auckland to Rarotonga (Cook Islands)  $295 $296 Rarotonga (Cook Islands)  to Auckland  $336 $341
Sydney to Rarotonga (Cook Islands)  $348 $353 Rarotonga (Cook Islands) to Sydney $347 $353
Fares are subject to availability at time of booking
USD amounts applicable for sale in the USA,  CAD amounts applicable for sale in Canada
* For domestic New Zealand sectors purchased in New Zealand, an additional 15% Goods and Services tax will apply (tax amount  
correct as of 11 June 2013, but may be subject to changes to fluctuations in governement taxes). 
Pricing inclusive of government and airport taxes and fees. Pricing correct as of 11 June 2013, but may be subject to fluctuations 
in governement and airport taxes/fees and exchange rates. 
If the initial purchase of the Air New Zealand Explorer Pass is via the Air New Zealand Contact Center 
the following service fees will apply: 
USD 30 / CAD 30 / NZD 35 / AUD 30 per transaction per person (currency based on where the sale is made).