The charges stated below apply only to Air New Zealand operated flights and when Air New Zealand allowances and charges apply on other airlines. Refer to Excess Baggage Charges for more details about when Air New Zealand allowances and charges apply.

If your flight is operated by an Air New Zealand partner airline and Air New Zealand baggage allowances and charges do not apply, please check with the airline operating the service for details.

Charges will be applied when you exceed your permitted allowance including any Prepaid Extra Bags and or frequent flyer benefit where applicable.

Please note: US DoT legislation requires that for all itineraries that start in the US or which have a final destination in the US, the same baggage allowance and charges must apply for the entire journey. Charges are applicable at each stopover point throughout your journey.

International Allowance ex USA to all destinations
Additional pieces (USD) Overweight charge (>50lbs <70lbs) per bag, and oversized items (USD).
1st 2nd 3rd +
150 200
(i.e. 350 for two)
300 150