Infinite Life!

Grayson Gilmour

Infinite Life!

Wellington's Grayson Gilmour's high, haunting voice and intelligent, off-kilter pop songs have earned him comparisons to the likes of Scritti Politti and Wild Beasts. His fifth release is a worthy follow-up to 2010's sublime 'No Constellation'.

Rating: R

Genre: Alternative

  1. Isn't This Exciting
  2. Lemon Brain
  3. Tunnel Vision
  4. Lichtung
  5. A Constant Nothing
  6. Lockjaw Language
  7. Minus Times Infinity
  8. Silence & Youth
  9. Pareidolia
  10. 27
  11. Blind Carbon Copy
  12. But a Dot You Are
  13. Round Round Silver Bell Tree

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