ANZES Manufacturing has wide experience in both the Civil and Military marketplace and a worldwide customer base. Manufacturing is carried out to existing designs under licence, or to ANZES Technical CAD designs for specific customer requests. This 'Design and Manufacture' capability offers customers a one-stop shop.

Since 1993 ANZES Manufacturing has produced Lockheed Martin C-130H/J Nose and Main Landing Gear Ski Assemblies and has in place a Manufacturing Licence Agreement with Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems (LMAS) for this activity.


A wide range of aircraft quality items are produced including:

  • C-130 H/J Hercules Skis
  • Helicopter door manufacture
  • Aircraft galleys, cabin bulkheads and screens
  • Aircraft interior equipment including IFE equipment stowage units
  • ANZAC Frigate Items (sub-contractor to Transfield Defence Systems) including:
    • HVAC
    • Communication and electronic Functional Unit Containers
    • Non -structural bulkheads


ANZES Manufacturing capability includes the following:

  • Metal and composite structures
  • Vacuum formed plastic parts
  • Tube assembly manufacture (to LMAS or Boeing specifications)
  • Steel components (to 300Ksi)
  • Electrical wiring harness manufacture
  • Cable manufacture


A comprehensive range of processes are available on-site to support manufacturing operations. These include:

  • Autoclave and heat vacuum bonding
  • Machining, welding, anodising
  • Plasma and Electro spraying
  • Electro-deposition
  • Heat treatment
  • Metal bonding
  • Specialist bending and forming operations


ANZES Manufacturing has established relationships with specialist process vendors, universities and consulting companies in New Zealand, Australia and the United States to enhance capability in key areas including; forging and heat treatment of high strength steel, advanced machining, technical assistance and design.


ANZES Manufacturing has excellent manufacturing facilities located in Christchurch and Auckland.

Manufacturing has a strong customer focus and prides itself on high standards of customer service and quality.

For further information please contact us.

ANZES Manufacturing works closely with other ANZES product lines - particularly ANZES Technical - to offer fully integrated services and support to its customers providing a "One Stop Shop".