The laboratories operate under the maintenance organisation approvals of CAANZ, FAA, JAA. All operate in an ISO 9000 accredited environment and operate to the general laboratory guidelines of ISO 17025 (formerly ISO Guide 25). These modern calibration facilities have their roots in several decades of global aviation engineering excellence. This experience is the foundation of our knowledge of the aviation industry and the regulations that guide it. Such knowledge has been embedded into the calibration processes and products we provide.

ANZES Calibration Services, through its products and its associations, are well placed to provide a total solution calibration service to both Aviation and other quality based industries.


ANZES Calibration Services hold an extensive library of original manufacturer data to support calibration practice as required by many Aviation regulatory bodies, as well as recognised national calibration standards for many countries. Standard practice is to provide As-Found calibration figures to support customers production product recall process. The capability of the group has been categorised into the following calibration types:


  • Mass
  • Load Cell/Force Indicators (compression and tension)
  • Scales
  • Torque


  • Liquid
  • Gas


  • Liquid
  • Gas


  • Ovens
  • Humidity
  • Temp Gauges


  • Resistance measurement
  • Current measurement


Traceable Calibration Certificates

ANZES Calibration Services can issue certificates to the customer's requirements with traceability specifically stated to either national or international standards.

Calibration Capability (specific By P/N )

ANZES Calibration Services annual throughput is in excess of 20,000 calibrations thus it is not possible to list all capability here. If you have an item of equipment you wish to check for capability please contact us.

Calibration Recall Service

ANZES Calibration Services uses a powerful SAP based business tool to maintain the highest standards of calibration call up and data storage for audit purposes. This system meets the most stringent aviation and laboratory requirements . On request this management system can be made available to customers. A service charge will be levied to recover data entry and operating overhead costs.

Calibration Metrology Service

ANZES Calibration Services organisation includes experienced experts in their fields of calibration and measurement. These people have wide background experience in their area of specialisation. As a result ANZES can offer customers advice on many areas of calibration and measurement. Consultancy fees may apply.


ANZES Calibration Services organisation in conjunction with links to our parent airlines and alliances with major airfreight organisations can rapidly and safely transport items requiring calibration throughout New Zealand, Australia and around the world.

For further information please contact us.