Flights to Los Angeles: City of stars and angels

Experience Los Angeles

LA is nothing if not diverse. In glittering Hollywood you can stroll with the stars and catch a blockbuster movie. Feed your need for speed in Anaheim, racing over the twisted metal of Disneyland roller coasters, then shake hands with Mickey Mouse. Mingle with priests at the 18th-century Spanish Mission San Gabriel Arcángel or cheer the local baseball pros at Dodger Stadium in downtown LA.

Meet the locals

After your flight to Los Angeles head to Venice Beach where the sun-kissed beautiful people walk their tiny dogs. You’ll also find muscle-men, flaming torch jugglers and inline skaters wearing nothing more than teeny-weeny bikinis and perfect white smiles. There's just as much variety to be found at Los Angeles Farmers Market. Here, Mexican immigrants sell enchiladas as big in flavour as they are in size, Jamaicans hawk yummy fresh peanut butter and Koreans cook up lip-smacking kimchi.

Get cultured

Just viewing the gleaming, twisted architecture of the Frank Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall is enough to satisfy some art aficionados. Inside, the Los Angeles Philharmonic alternates Mozart and Mahler then steps aside for Afro-Cuban jazz bands and South African gospel choirs. The Getty Center museum draws admirers of 2,000-year-old Greek vessels, medieval European books and sensuous Klimt sketches.

Free or cheap

It’s easy to plan a cheap Los Angeles holiday. Start with the city’s beaches, from pristine Hermosa to surfing hotspot Surfrider. Celebs both magnificent and mediocre boast a place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,where bronze pavement stars honour entertainers from Grace Kelly to Michael Jackson and some 2,400 more. Joining the studio audience for live TV recordings costs nothing more than a little forward planning. Book ahead to watch hit sitcoms and game shows in the making.

Fast facts

Where? Los Angeles sits on the North American Pacific Coast, 200km north of the Mexican border and 600km south of San Francisco.

Population: LA is home to 3.8 million people, making it the most populous city in California and second only to New York in the USA.

Getting about: In spite of Metro Rail, LA’s mass transportation system, most Angelenos get around their city and its sprawling suburbs by car.

Los Angeles Hotels

Our pick of LA accommodation includes an art deco beach villa and chic boutique hotels near affluent Beverly Hills. Alternatively, lose yourself in the expansive gardens and sprawling opulence of palatial Spanish mission-style hotels.

Los Angeles Restaurants

If you think LA’s residents are diverse you should try the restaurants. Fill yourself with Asian-American stir-fries or Mediterranean stews. Queue for All-American fare at Bread and Porridge, or come over all sophisticated European at French/Italian fine dining experience, Fraîche.

Shopping in Los Angeles

Shop like the stars on Sunset Strip. Pick the hippest clothing at Fred Segal or slip into vintage duds like the hand-embroidered lingerie at Golyester (if that bustier could talk…). Go over the top, Hollywood-style with kitsch antiques from Off the Wall.

Los Angeles Nightlife

A perfect Pacific sunset provides the OTT opening act for an LA night out. Everything from Schubert lieder to Mexican mariachi plays at the landmark Hollywood Bowl. Sway to the blues at Harvelle’s, or catch a famous backroom concert at McCabe’s Guitar Shop.

Los Angeles Attractions

Star struck in LA? Stroll among the Hollywood stars at Paramount Pictures or see the real deal through solar telescopes at Griffith Observatory. Blast off for interplanetary travel, or chill with the LA Philharmonic in the wacky Walt Disney Concert Hall.

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