Air New Zealand and its predecessor companies have been required to operate with a high level of self sufficiency due to this isolation.

Consequently New Zealand has been a pioneer in many aspects of aviation:

  • Aerial top dressing
  • ETOPS 180 mins pioneer
  • Launch customer of B787-9

Air New Zealand's network has grown to reach across the globe to the US, UK, Japan, and China complementing its shorter haul South Pacific, trans-Tasman and domestic routes. With some 65 years of experience Air New Zealand has a reputation for professionalism, high standards, ingenuity and initiative while maintaining a relaxed and friendly nature of doing business.

Over the decades Air New Zealand has aided the development of other airlines and in the process developed strong relationships.

The Airline has committed to fundamentally transforming its business model to focus on customer service and value as well as speed of response to the rapidly changing market dynamics of today's highly competitive global aviation industry. It has also simplified its service and support structures. Air New Zealand has received international recognition for these initiatives including being voted 'Best Pacific Airline' for six years (1998 - 2004) at the TTG Annual Travel Awards.

These learnings are now available to other airlines and industry participants to accelerate their change programmes and build on their own capabilities.

With the formation of Air New Zealand Consulting Limited, you now have access to the depth and breadth of knowledge of one of the few aviation consulting groups directly linked to a leading edge and successful airline.

About Air New Zealand

  • Group of five airlines with a combined fleet of 96 aircraft - from 19 to 394 seats
  • Directly serves 50 ports - 26 domestic and 24 international destinations within 15 countries
  • Carries 11.7 million passengers annually
  • Network incorporates flight times ranging from 15 minutes to 13 hours.


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