How can we help?

If you are bidding to host a conference in New Zealand, Air New Zealand is keen to ensure you have the greatest possible chance of winning the bid. Support that Air New Zealand can provide to help you make the best possible case when bidding to host a conference in New Zealand includes:

  • Return travel on Air New Zealand services for up to two people to New Zealand for a pre-event site inspection, redeemable once New Zealand is confirmed as the conference location*
  • Air New Zealand content for your bid documents, including information on how easy it is to reach New Zealand from any part of the globe on Air New Zealand and our partner airlines

If you are marketing a conference in New Zealand to international participants, sign up with Air New Zealand’s Conference Support Programme and international participants registered to attend the conference will be able to access great offers for travel on Air New Zealand’s international services.

Registered participants from relevant markets will receive access to discounted travel on Air New Zealand operated flights when booking their international travel online to attend the conference in New Zealand. Terms and conditions apply.

Participants planning on taking a companion to New Zealand with them and who book their companion’s travel at the same time will enjoy the same discount for their travel companion.

Air New Zealand’s Conference Support Programme is intended for conferences where participants are purchasing travel individually. For conferences where the conference host is organising and purchasing group travel for participants to attend, please contact your nearest Air New Zealand office to obtain a quote for travel. 

Who's eligible to apply?

Air New Zealand welcomes applications from the hosts or organisers of conferences in New Zealand that meet the following criteria:

  • At least 150 international participants are expected to attend
  • There is at least a six month lead time before the conference commences
  • Preference will be given to support conferences that take place during New Zealand’s autumn, winter or spring months (between April and November).

Working in partnership

To maximise attendance at your conference we need your help with promoting the Air New Zealand travel offers to potential conference participants. Eligible conferences must be able to commit to the following:

  • Appointment of Air New Zealand as the exclusive airline partner for the conference
  • Placement of an Air New Zealand fare-finder on the conference website
  • Communication of the Air New Zealand travel offer and relevant promotional information to event participants

Simply fill in and scan your completed application form and email to:

We will contact you within 10 business days to advise if your application has been successful or to seek additional information.