Airports and Airways  

Long lead times are required for investment in infrastructure. Robust market forecasting is therefore critical to time investment to match growth with demand.

Air New Zealand Consulting provides expertise to bring together the providers and users to agree solutions or work with either party or assist in meeting the needs of the parties. Operational expertise in respect of Airports and Airways can be assessed.

Project and Programme Management

It is inevitable that enterprises commit to projects to grow, transform, or transition their business. Professional project management is essential to ensure the desired outcome.

Air New Zealand has proven methodologies that have delivered successful outcomes on major programmes. These methodologies are risk based and focus on using the core organisation as much as possible. An experienced network of contractors can assist with management of your projects.

Emergency Planning

Prepared and not needed is preferable to needed and not prepared in this area. Whilst airlines all plan on not having emergencies, this is sometimes only partly under our control. Airlines also have commitments to code share partners and with the speed of communications today, have to be ready and practiced to respond to an incident at all times.

Air New Zealand Consulting can assist with the development of actions plans and training scenarios.

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