Schedule Management and Resource Optimisation

Schedule design and resource allocation are key drivers of both asset utilisation and cost structure, often the difference between profit and loss. The optimal decisions made by trading off revenue opportunity and cost of service are critical to success. As airlines grow there is a need for automation, to optimise and expedite these decisions. These range from resource planning, productivity agreements, rosters, disrupt management, and passenger re-accommodation.

Air New Zealand has worked with leading edge software companies and research institutes to develop the critical tools and capabilities to support decision making.

Quality Management

A comprehensive Quality Management System integrates standards, results, analysis, and reporting, along with the cultural issues of the commitment to quality.

Air New Zealand Consulting services cover obtaining approvals and compliance with existing approval, through to the establishment of a complete Safety Management System, and the independent auditing of specific parts of an operation.

Engineering and Maintenance

Engineering and Maintenance has major impact on asset utilisation, cost, and schedule reliability. The engineering and maintenance function has a close association with fleet evaluations and replacements.

Air New Zealand Consulting advises on cost and downtime expectation, or put in place tendering and contracts for the outsourcing of maintenance. Assistance can be offered with the sourcing or contract leasing of Executives.

Flight Operations

Air New Zealand Consulting provides advice on the range of operations functions: standards, training, flight planning, and load control. Assistance can be offered with the sourcing or contract leasing of Executives.

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